COVID-19 Update

Dear Friends of Camp Harmattan,

    These are interesting times for our world, for our families and for ourselves. We find ourselves having our world rattled and we are adjusting to a new normal that seems to change every day. Many of the things that had become normal for us, just aren’t normal anymore. At Camp Harmattan, we have stood back and watched this unfold around us, and we finally have been able to catch our breath and continue to lead the camp in the midst of this crisis.

    You are very important to us as a friend of Camp Harmattan. Your support over the years has enabled Camp Harmattan to become the place that we all love and a place of profound impact and strong relationships. This will not change regardless of the spread of COVID-19 or not. We are committed to this in even deeper ways and will be sharing some new ways that you will be able to experience a bit of Harmattan in your own home and family. Please watch our website and social media over the coming days to see some of the unique experiences being released from Camp Harmattan.

    As a staff team, we are still working to prepare for Summer 2020. Our Student Camps are being worked on and the details that make our summer so special are being cemented in the weeks ahead. There might be a few aspects that we “release” over the next few weeks to get you excited about what you will experience this summer. Our commitment to the hundreds of students who have already registered for camp is to be ready for the summer once we get the clearance from our Alberta Health and government officials to reopen camp.

    Some of you might be thinking that there is no chance we will be able to reopen for the summer as we are in the midst of this crisis.  Even on our year round team there are days where things seem hopeless and other days where we are filled with hope. At the end of the day, we are committed to doing everything within our power to be ready for the summer and to make summer 2020 be our best summer yet!

    We hope to have you join us for Casual Camping, Family Camp, and just dropping in for a walk along the river once we are open again and the Coronavirus has passed. Your relationship with us means more to us than you understand. The mosaic of Camp Harmattan is beautiful because of your relationship with us. Please know that we are praying for you and would deeply appreciate you continuing to pray for us.

With hope, 
Your Camp Harmattan Team