Family Camp Registration Policies

1. Registrations will be done online beginning February 1.
a.  Long term sites are sites that are used annually by the same family.  Long term sites must be confirmed and paid by May 1 or your site will not be available.
b.  Remaining non-long term sites will be divided into groups (Group 1 – to 
accommodate units under 17 feet, Group 2 – to accommodate medium size units, Group 3 – to accommodate larger units) When a non-long term person calls to register, they will be given 3 choices of lots from ONLY the lots  that fit their camping unit category, unless all the lots in their category are full.  Ie: someone with a tent trailer will not be allowed to register on a Category 3 lot unless all category 1 and 2 lots are booked.

2. If a camper feels that they have not been treated fairly when registering, he or she should first present their case to the registrar and ask for reconsideration.
a. If the camper still feels they have not been treated fairly, he or she may appeal to the Nazarene District office [email protected], who will then consult with both the camper and the registrar before making a ruling.
b. If the camper still feels that he has not been treated fairly, he or she may appeal to the Camp Harmattan Family Camp ministry team in writing.

Registration – Lots
1. Persons wishing to retain a long term site must prepay the site by May 1st or the lot will be reassigned to someone else for that year.  However, unless there are extenuating circumstances, this will be allowed for one year only.  Long term sites were created for those that want to attend Family Camp every year, therefore, if you are a long term site holder who can not attend, it is important that you notify us of your circumstances so that your long term site will not be permanently reassigned to someone else.
2. Cancellation policy for Long term site holders:  Persons registered on a long term site are requested to notify the camp if they are not able to attend at least one month in advance.  Except in emergencies, if one months notice is not given, no refund will be given to the long term registrant for their prepaid registration fee and the cost will not be applied to the next year.
a. For those who cancel for two years in a row without at least one month’s notice, long term status will be revoked.
b. In the case of an emergency occurring after July 1 that prevents you from attending camp, please let the camp know as soon as possible.
c. Long term lot holders who do not check in or phone in prior to 6 pm on the first Sunday of Family Camp, will lose their site for that year.  The site will be reassigned for that year only, however, the above policies are still in effect.
3. Long term sites can be transferred to members of the immediate family (children, brothers, sisters, parents, grandparents) following completion of the appropriate form and approval of the Registrar.   Other than to immediate family members, campers may not re-assign the use of their site to someone else, as there is generally a waiting list.
4. When assigning a temporary camper to the prepaid, long term camp site where the long term camper could not attend, the temporary camper will be informed that the site is registered long term by someone else and may not be available for the following year.  They will also be given a list of sites that are not presently assigned as a long term sites so that they can choose one of those sites should they wish to register for a site long term.
5. Long term sites are for Family Camp only.  It should be noted that the Camp is rented out to groups throughout the year and these groups require large sections of the grounds.  Thus, the camp manager reserves the right to assign camping sites to best accommodate groups.
6. A waiting list has been established by Canada West District Church of the Nazarene for those wanting a long term site.  There is a list for long term site holders that want to move to a more desired location (List A) and a separate list for those who do not currently have a long term site (List B).  When a site becomes available list A will be called first, as if they move, another site will be freed up.  Then, List B will be called.  If a person who is number one on a list is called and chooses not to take a lot that has come up, they maintain their spot on the list. Should they accept another site – they can resubmit to be on the relocation list but will not retain their previous status.
7. Trailers can be dropped off at a reserved site no earlier than Thursday of the first weekend of family camp and must be removed by the Monday following the last weekend of Family Camp.  Exceptions to this policy need to be cleared by the Camp management at least two weeks in advance.  In order to help defray costs associated with facility usage, Campers and trailers utilizing the Camp Harmattan facilities in advance or following the above stated times, will pay the overnight camping rate.
a. Those renting a unit that will be dropped off by a rental company can have the rental company call Camp Harmattan office to arrange a drop off time.
8. All campers, including visitors, must stop and register at the camp office upon their arrival at Family camp.
9. If you have more than one unit on a lot (including tents), please inform the camp office.  It is appreciated if those with more than one unit on a lot, make a donation equivalent  to the camping fee for the additional unit(s).
10.   Campers will only camp on registered lots that have been assigned to them by the registrar.

Registration – Cabins or lodge rooms
1. Some cabins or lodge rooms are considered “long term sites” and will be subject to the same protocols as long term sites.
2. A minimum of five people in your family/group will be needed to register for a Long house room.  Those who currently have a long house room as a long term site but do not have five people in their group, will be allowed to continue using the room, however, upon their releasing of the space, another registration will not be accepted by anyone with under 5 in their group