Summer 2020

September Long Weekend Camping

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Summer 2020 FAQ

Payment related questions

1. Can I get a refund? Yes, if the adjusted summer plans won’t work for your family and you would like a refund for our Summer 2020 student camps,  then please email our office with your refund request at [email protected]

2. Can I transfer my Summer 2020 student camp payments to day camp fee or micro family adventure fees?  Yes.  If you have a credit on your account from payments made this spring, you will be able to choose to move the money when you reach the check out step of registration.

3. Can I donate my Summer Camp 2020 fees?  Yes, if you would like to donate all or partial payments made this spring, please contact our office so we can allocate those fees to a donation for you.

4. Can I carry my payments over for next year?  No, we will be able to refund anyone who has made payments but will not be able to carry that money over to summer 2021 programming or donations.

5. Can I get a refund for Family Camp 2020 or move this money to a donation towards Camp Harmattan? All CWD Family Camp fees have been paid to the Canada West District office.  Please contact Rose ([email protected] or 403-912-3043 ) to move money to a donation or  to receive a refund.

6. Can my discounts for summer camps be transferred to the new summer 2020 programming? No, we cannot provide any discounts for our adjusted summer 2020 programming. If anyone is looking for financial support, we suggest contacting your local church. If you have questions about this please ask us.

7. How can I pay for registration? Please pay by credit card.

Registration related questions

1. Does my students’ Summer Camp 2020 registration transfer over to Day Camp Online Camps or Micro Family Adventure registration?  Your household information will be saved but you will need to register for the new programming you would like your student or family to attend.

2. How do I register for Day Camps, Micro Family Adventures or Online camps? All registrations can be done through the same registration system you used to register for Summer camps.  Please visit our website ( to register and pay.

3. When should I register?  As soon as possible! Camps that do not have enough registrations by June 25th will be cancelled.  

Day Camp related questions

1. What is the cost of Day Camps? $50 per student, per day including lunch.

2. What ages of students can come to Day Camps? Day Camps are for students entering grade one this fall through students in grade nine.

3. Will my students be in cohorts with kids of the same age? Yes, we will be grouping students in cohorts with similar age and ideally same gender.

4. What are the times of the Day Camps? Day Camps will be from 10:00 am – 4:00 pm.

5. Will my students be able to come to just 1 day of day camp? Yes, you can register your students for as many day camp days that you would like.  There is no minimum or maximum.

6. What are the minimum numbers of students registered for each day camp to run? We will require 16 students registered each day for day camps. If we do not have the 16 registered that day will be cancelled and the students that are registered will be asked to move their registration to a different day.

7. What is the maximum number of students that can attend each day camp? We can accommodate 48 students registered for each day camp.

8. Can I send my students with their own lunch? Yes you can. We will be providing lunch for day camp students but students are welcome to bring their own lunch. We cannot provide discounted pricing for students that bring their own lunch.

9. Can parents stay during programming? Parents or caregivers are welcome to spend the day on the Family Side. Unfortunately, we are not able to have parents stay on the youth side due to safety concerns.  We have a limited number of people that can be on site, all adults are required to have criminal record checks and all students will have to stay with their cohort to ensure the safety of everyone on site. 

10. Is there a “cut off day” to register? Yes, registration will close 24 hrs before camps.

11. Can I cancel my registration? Yes, refunds will only be issued for cancellations made 72 hrs or more before the camps.

Micro Family Adventure related questions

1. What is the cost of the Micro Family Adventure? $100 including programming and 2 nights of casual camping.

2. Can my family participate if we do not have a trailer? Yes, you would be welcome to participate in the programming during the day and stay somewhere in the area.  Rustlers lodge is a really great Bed and Breakfast just down the road and there are hotel options in both Sundre and Olds. (The price would be adjusted.) 

3. Can I choose my camp site during micro family adventures? All camping sites will be first come first serve. 

4. Is there a minimum and maximum? Yes, a three family minimum and a ten family maximum.

Micro Family Adventure

Camp Harmattan is very excited to provide a Camp Adventure for Families! These two-day programs combine the resting, relaxing, and lounging of casual camping with family-focused worship experiences, a family adventure, activities, and a mini guide to help families make the most of what the campground has to offer. These Micro Family Adventures might be exactly what you and your family are longing to have: a time together with God in creation – facilitated by our staff who are so excited to see your family laugh together, play together, grow closer, and discover God together. This is available for individual adults, couples, and families.

The Details:
– Cost: $100/family (includes 2 nights of casual camping)
– No meals provided 
– These Micro Family Adventures require a minimum of 3 families to run and a maximum of 10 families


  • Sunday July 26 (PM) to Tuesday July 28 (AM)

Day Camps

We have created three unique, individual, days of camp. Each Day Camp offers a jam-packed day of camp activities that have been adapted to be safe, fun, creative, and spiritually renewing! Not only are we doing many of the camp games and activities we love, but we have developed ‘explosive’ activities, hilarious challenges and new skill building opportunities that will leave students wishing for more! And luckily for them there will be three whole days where each day will have its own feature activities and skills.

The Details:
– These camps are for campers going into Grade 1-9
Cost: $50 a day per camper
– There is a minimum of 16 campers to run that day camp and have a maximum of 48 campers

We have 3 unique Day Camps that will run 3 times this summer. Your camper is eligible to attend any amount of camps any amount of times that they want. Just know that the specific day camp (i.e. Day Camp 1) will be the same experience on the other day camps of the same number.


Camp 1
– July 6 (Mon),  15 (Wed),  29 (Wed)

Camp 2
– July 7 (Tues),  16 (Thurs),  30 (Thurs)

Camp 3
– July 8 (Wed),  17 (Fri),  31 (Fri)

Teen Day Camp
-July 24 (Fri) – 1pm – 7pm

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