Harmattan Apparel

This summer Camp Harmattan is thrilled to offer two beautiful apparel designs. These designs are created to evoke a sense of connection and community. The ‘Harmattan Family’ has long enjoyed moments of celebration, revival, and connection on the grounds of Camp Harmattan.

The funds raised through this campaign will be utilized to continue to build upon the legacy of Camp Harmattan. Camp Harmattan wants to ensure that children and their families will be able to attend the various camps that happen on the grounds regardless of their economic status.

Thank you for your purchase and support of Camp Harmattan!


Camp Harmattan has collaborate with Team Evelyn (click here to find out more about Evelyn and her story). Together we celebrate Evelyn’s life and her love of our Camp. Our hope is that as you wear your Team Evelyn and Camp Harmattan branded apparel you will feel a sense of connection and excitement knowing you will be making a difference in the lives of individuals who love Camp Harmattan.

The Team Evelyn design begins with a wreath which represents community and embrace. The sunflower represents Evelyn – her favourite flower and colour. Like all flowers the sunflower gains strength from the sun which represents God, but they also gain strength from each other. The trees, land, mountains, and river are symbolic of the view of camp looking down from the Buffalo Jump. Finally, the rainbow and sunshine represent hope which is a mark of Camp Harmattan and of Evelyn’s life.


A bold vintage design without any bells or whistles. Just a classic look that can appeal to all ages. The three trees remind us of our beautiful location and the connections we’ve made.

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